Terms of Use

This decision aid is for young adults with breast cancer who are interested in learning more about the fertility options in Canada. The information presented may not apply to people outside of Canada or people with other cancers.

The information in this decision aid is applicable to anyone born with ovaries. If you are gender non-conforming, talk to members of your healthcare team for more personalized advice on fertility.

The team at St. Michael’s Hospital may change the content of the BEFORE decision aid, at any time. The team does not recommend any fertility option, medication, or other information that is contained in the BEFORE decision aid. All information is purely for informational and educational purposes. The information in this decision aid is based on the best available evidence from the last update and reliance on any information to make your fertility decision is at your own risk. St. Michael’s Hospital assumes no responsibility for errors or omission of information. St. Michael’s Hospital and the team are not responsible for your use or failure of use of this information when making your fertility decision.

All information in this website was written by the team at St. Michael’s Hospital. Any use, copying, distribution, or display of information in the decision aid should be done after written approval. Please contact Anne Sorvari (SorvariA@smh.ca) for approval.

The information in this decision aid is not intended to replace the information given by your healthcare team. This decision aid will only give you an overview of the fertility options. These options may not be suitable for everyone. We suggest that you:

  • share this decision aid with your partner or support persons
  • talk with your healthcare team for specific information on your fertility options